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Cookies Policy



This Cookies Policy defines rules of retention and access to information on the user’s device by means of cookies which are used for services provided electronically for the user by means of web service


  1. Administrator – LENWIT FORNIR sp. z o.o. based in Witaszyczki, Witaszyczki 66, 63 – 230 Witaszyce, entered in the Business Register of the National Court Register under KRS 0000037228, VAT 617-19-44-484, REGON: 250959430.], which provides services electronically, retains and obtains access to information on the user’s device,
  2. Cookies – small text & numerical files which are saved by the ICT system on the user’s ICT system (user’s computer, hone or another device used to get connected with the website) while the Service is viewed and which later enable user’s identification when it gets connected to the Service again using the device (i.e. computer, phone) on which they have been saved,
  3. Service – website where the user may obtain information about goods and services provided by the Administrator,
  4. Device – electronic device used by the user to obtain access to the Service,
  5. User – an entity which can lawfully receive services electronically or enter into an agreement to receive services electronically.
  6. Cookies are used by the web Service. The type of Cookies used by the Administrator depends on the purpose and period of their retention.

As regards the period of their retention in the browser, the Administrator uses two types of Cookies:

  1. Session Cookies: remain on the user’s device until the session on the browser’s is ended. Saved information is permanently removed from the device memory. Session Cookies are not capable of collecting any personal data or confidential information from the user’s device,
  2. Persistent Cookies: are saved on the user’s device and remain there until deleted; ending a session on the browser or switching off the device does not cause their removal from the user’s device; Persistent Cookies are not capable of collecting any personal data or confidential information from the user’s device.

Under the service and depending on its purpose the Administrator uses the following types of Cookies:

  1. “Strictly necessary” Cookies enable use of services available under the Service; e.g. authentication Cookies used for services requiring authentication under the Service,
  2. “Performance” Cookies enable collection of information about a method using the Service sites,
  3. “Functional” Cookies enable “remembering” User selected setting and personalization of the user’s interface,
  4. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the user’s device. It is especially impossible for viruses or another unwanted or malicious software to get through to the user’s device . Such files help identify software used by the user and adjust the service individually to the user,
  5. Cookies do not store information constituting personal data of the Service users. Cookies are not used identify the user’s identity,
  6. Cookies are used on the basis of the user’s consent. Such consent may be expressed by the user through applicable software settings including the browser installed on the ICT device used by the user to browse the Service content,
  7. Most Internet browsers available commercially by default accept saving of Cookies. The user may limit or block access to its device by Cookies. The user may define conditions of using Cookies by setting its browser. It means that it is possible to partly limit (temporarily) or completely block the option of saving Cookies – in the latter case it may affect certain functionalities of the Service. The Service’s incapability of saving/reading Cookies may completely prevent use or proper use of the Service,
  8. The user may at any time cancel or modify extent of the previous consent for Cookies to be used by the Service or remove them from its browser,
  9. All questions or concerns regarding the Cookies Policy may be directed to the Administrator at lp.ri1716295907nrof@1716295907odor1716295907 or by post to Lenwit Fornir sp. z o.o., Witaszyczki 66, 63-230 Witaszyce.